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BagLady Divorce with Deana Brown: Time for a Divorce? Then Time to Get Organized!

I have added a free divorce organizer to my website! It is located on the homepage of my website at When I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, getting organized or cleaning up my space is extremely relieving. My goal for you is to alleviate some of this stress by utilizing our organizer.

The organizer is structured to make the financial portion of the divorce easier on you, your CDFA, and even your attorney. The different categories on the organizer include income, expenses, and assets and liabilities. You can find your income on your tax returns. Your expenses will most likely all be found on bank and credit card statements. The expenses are broken into multiple specific categories that will clearly layout everything you need to know. Assets would be any cash accounts, retirement/investment accounts, life insurance policies, real estate, businesses, etc. Certain assets, like real estate and business, would need to be valued by a realtor or a business evaluation would need to be done, but having them listed under your assets will prompt your CDFA or attorney to look into these assets. Liabilities would be mortgages, loans, credit card loans, auto loans, and any other debts you may have.

I hope you take this opportunity to download our free divorce organizer!

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