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"As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®,
My Goal is to Advocate and Support Women of Wealth During and After Divorce"

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BagLady Syndrome is real. In a divorce, women fear losing everything. Typically the higher the net worth, the bigger the fear. Perhaps this is because there is more to lose. Divorce Financial Planning can be very healing in treating BagLady Syndrome. That's why we created BagLady Divorce.

Divorce Financial Planning for Women


  • Age 50+ and High Net Worth (Marital Net Worth: $10,000,000 - $75,000,000)

  • In a Long Term Marriage

  • Have Complex Planning Needs

  • Husband Manages the Family’s Finances

The Divorce Process


  • Work Collaboratively with Attorney Team

  • Organize Financial Documentation

  • Complete the Financial Affidavit

  • Create Asset Split Strategies

  • Provide Pension Evaluations

  • Craft Cash Flow and Lifestyle Plans

  • Provide Mediation Support


  • Take Control of Her Money

  • Have the Financial Freedom to Care for Her Family

  • Fund Family Trips to Create Lifetime Memories

  • Invest Money in Alignment with Her Values

  • When Requested, Encourage Her Adult Children to Participate in the Financial Planning Process

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Fee for this Service

Fee for this service may be paid by debit/credit card

During Divorce Fee:
$350 per Hour

Post-Divorce Fee: 

Minimum investment is $2,000,001

Review this chart for fee percentages

Pricing Chart
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