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Carpool Chats with Deana Brown: The Midlife Crisis

The midlife crisis is very common and can be frustrating for women going through divorce. Perhaps your husband is going through a midlife crisis and decides to spend your marital assets on his girlfriend for lavish trips, jewelry, designer handbags, etc.

Firstly, don't get mad because you are NOT helpless. I recommend, if you don't already, keeping a divorce notebook on you at all times. Start tracking these expenses, the trips, jewelry restaurants, etc. and write them down in your nifty notebook. At least once a month, send this list to your attorney and always copy your attorney's assistant or paralegal.

If you don't want to track it for whatever reason, maybe it just disgusts you to think about it, then send the statements to you Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). That's what we are here for! We can track it for you and send it to your attorney on your behalf. Hopefully, your attorney will fight to get that money back when the settlement is made because half of it is yours!

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