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Carpool Chats with Deana Brown: How to Fund Your Divorce

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

If you are high net worth, around $4 million and up, it is going to cost you thousands of dollars to hire the professionals you need to get through your divorce. These are my 8 ways you can fund this high price of divorce:

1. Cash flow: compensation, salary, bonuses, etc.

2. Savings accounts

3. Home equity line of credit

4. Sell positions, stocks and bonds, in your investment account

5. Take a loan on an investment account

6. Get a loan on your 401k plan

7. Borrow or withdraw the cash value from your permanent life insurance policy

8. Sales of antiques and art

These are my strategies to fund a high net worth divorce. Everyone's situation is different and before you try any of these methods its best to contact a financial professional to determine which strategy is best for you. For more details on each method, please watch the video!

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